Rabu, Februari 03, 2010

Jom, cakap?

Jomcakap kembali bercakap.

Sorry for the hiatus.

Have finally managed to straigthen up my emotions, stabilize my feelings, maka dah boleh buat entry yang saya tak akan regret. Saya tak suka menulis bila emosi terganggu sangat, kalau terganggu sikit-sikit takpe. Hehe.

Will update soon enough, especially about the lipbalm! (everyone's been asking me bout that, sorry ladies!)

Thanks to those who asked, thanks who those who didn't!

Farina's back, allright! (Insert aksi Nick Carter disini)

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arry berkata...

I might be the happiest person on earth regarding the reopening. keep it open. sampai jauh nanti

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