Rabu, Februari 10, 2010

"Kalau Jarak itu racun, Cinta adalah penawarnya.."

Been getting a few friendly messages to inquire about how I was doing these days. With the FB off and the depressive notes on the blog, I don't blame them for worrying.

To whom it may concern because of your concern,

Thanks, good people.

But seriously, there are rational reasons to it. The FB has got to go, because it has stopped serving its purpose to me, plus the boss has been bugging me about being online almost all the time. Same reason why you don't see me on YM as much too these days. All the icons and buzz and pictures and segala mak nenek adalah terlalu menjolok mata.

As for the depression mode, well what can I say...

Percintaan Jarak Jauh itu sakit, kawan.

And before you might even go,
"alahhh itu pun nak kecoh bla bla bla, sabar je lah sikit bla bla bla, usahalah sikit bla bla bla, cinta dapat menaklukkan dunia bla bla bla"

kindly stop just right there. We, my boyfriend and I, are really doing the best we can to make this work, with Allah as our witness, and I do not find my self being obligated to explain to anyone, about the procedures, sacrifices and hardships that we have to undergo for this relationship.

Mohon doanya teman-teman, mudah-mudahan Allah tunjukkan jalan, aminnn.

And to those who might say,
"So why hold on if it's so painful?"

Well, haven't you heard?

Cinta memang dapat menaklukkan dunia.

"bukan matahari bila tak menyinari,
bukan kuntum bunga bila tak mewangi,
dan bukanlah cinta bila tidak sepenuh hati..."

4 ulasan:

Cah Ayu berkata...

aku doakan kalian sukses dan tidak terkandas spt aku. itu lebih sakit. oh.

kitt berkata...

Wondering, why the map show's united states land, connecting east coast to west coast?
It should have been KL and Yogyakarta. DOnt you think so?

kitt berkata...

God knows we love each other.

kitt berkata...

and yes, i love u

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