Khamis, Februari 04, 2010


Ok. I am impressed.

My lil brother now has a blog.

Aptly named 'Life', he wrote about well, his life of course, but also his take on pollution, economy and...yikes! Relationships!!!

Here's a snippet from his blog,

Ppl said they 'cannot' move on. Actually, its because you dont want to do so. You want to get back together with your partner. You wish bad things wouldnt happen. You think about your partner all the time. You think you would be happy with him/her and not with anyone else. You wish to hug and never let go.

Well, bad news people. You have to let go, and you know it. You knew those things i wrote up there wouldnt happen like it used to be. Learn. You've made a mistake, you shouldnt repeat that ever. You have your whole life to enjoy, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, dont let these mistakes make you to make more mistakes.

Reading something like this written by my little...okay, not so little 19 yers old brother feels rather surreal.

And I was damn proud to read this,
Food. Minum petang sepatutnya boleh masukkan kuih tu dlm plastic bag dan bukan polisterine. Rosak weyh dunia. Dah laa lepas makan, boleh pulak nampak makcik2 tu bakar polisterine. Agak2 laa. Mati anak org nnt.

Way to go! Say NO to non-biodegradable polistrine!

Go ahead, check out his blog

oh, and be a follower please, he'd like that. :-D

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