Ahad, Februari 07, 2010

Lipbalms, LAST CALL!

Sorry ladies,

Just have time to reconcile all orders for the Smith's lip balm, ada yg order on the phone, through the comment box, email, chat, I lost track of all!

Lemme just check again with you gals what you ordered before I place it for real:

Lavish Layers 3-pack
(contains the Original Rosebud Balm, Strawberry balm and Minted Rose
- Lissa
- Ull
- Sou
- Yan
- Im
- Raina
- Chee Chung

Brambleberry Rose Balm
- Nana
- Shidot
- Soraya

Strawberry Balm
- Nana
- Soraya
- Cu

Mocha Rose Balm
- Shamam
- Soraya

Original Rosebud Balm
- Nana
- Shidot (2)
- Soraya
- Shamam

Do check, and if you don't see your name there, or I got ur orders wrong, lemme know A.S.A.P!

Based on calculation, after shipping and handling, the prices would be RM70 for the lavish set, RM25 for the flavored ones (Strawberry, Mocha Rose, Brambleberry Rose, Minted Rose and Menthol & Eucaliptus) while for the Original Rosebud is RM23.

Price is not inclusive postage from me to wherever you are, should you require me to send this via post. COD is of course, acceptable.

Any additions or cancellation, please do so by 10th of February 2010, 4 pm waktu Malaysia. Else I would take the above list as final.

Thanks ladies, for participating!

6 ulasan:

Naemah berkata...

1. Lavish Layers 3-pack

2. Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm

Lynda berkata...

farina..as per sms ek..tenkiu

Tanpa Nama berkata...

yup! final dah tu :P thanks babe

Tanpa Nama berkata...

eh..komen anonymous itu saye..FreakyG

Lissa Ahmad berkata...

bila nak bank in $ bgtau yee

shidot berkata...

kak farina..ok betul my order..TQ

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