Rabu, Jun 30, 2010

entri tidak bergambar

Alamak. Ada yang kata. Blog saya sehari dua ini, membimbangkan.

Ada yang kata, blog saya depressing.

Maafkan jika begitu, wahai sahabat. Biasa lah, air laut pun ada pasang suruh, begitu lah juga hamba pacal yang hina ini.

Anyway. Dalam acara untuk mewujudkan entri yang lebih gembira,

Saya nak bagitau. Kejap lagi saya nak dinner kat Al-Rawsha.


(I won't blame you guys kalau rasa nak sepak saya lepas baca entri ni. Saya pun kalau boleh nak sepak kepala sendiri tapi tak sampai. Nasib)


"If you're trapped between your feelings and what other people think is right, always go for whatever makes you happy"


What to do when you're trapped between your feelings and what YOU think is right?

What if you know, what makes you happy is wrong?


girl: i know, you're mad at me
boy: mad?
mad is when your fave team is lost
do you have a term or word, kalau half of you is lost?

No. I don't have a word or a term for it.

All I do know is, it feel like life has lost all its colors and meaning. For you are my better half.

But if that's the price I have to pay, for you to be happy, I would.

Because you really know you love someone when all you want is for them to be happy, even if that means you are not a part of it.

And I love you, I do.

For You

kuawali hariku dengan mendoakanmu
agar kau selalu sehat dan bahagia di sana
sebelum kau melupakanku lebih jauh
sebelum kau meninggalkanku lebih jauh

ku tak pernah berharap kau kan merindukan keberadaanku,
yang menyedihkan ini
ku hanya ingin bila kau melihatku kapanpun dimanapun
hatimu kan berkata seperti ini

gadis inilah yang jatuh hati padamu
gadis inilah yang kan selalu memujamu

mungkin kau takkan pernah tahu
betapa mudahnya kau untuk dikagumi
mungkin kau takkan pernah sadar
betapa mudahnya kau untuk dicintai

Selasa, Jun 29, 2010

Dalam Hujan

Hujan mencurahkan cintaku...
Dari langit untukmu.

Awan menjatuhkan...
Siap jadi kenyataan.

Dedaunan menampung air hujan...
Cinta dan harapan.

Kamu dan hujan...
Satu kesatuan...
Dingin, basah, bergejolakan.

"Perempuan hujan! Perempuan hujan!"
Bisa jadi mereka memanggilku demikian...
Berlari di kebasahan...
Mengejar cinta tak berkesudahan.

"Tuhan! Tuhan! Pencipta hujan! Dengarkan!"
Dalam gemuruh doa kulemparkan...
Tolong turunkan...
Jadi kenyataan.

Dlm hujan kata-kataku kehabisan.
Tinggal perasaan.
Basah, kedinginan.

by Fira Basuki via Twitter

It hurts.

It hurts inside to say good-bye
It hurts like I just need to cry
It hurts for me to say hello
It hurts for me to see you
It hurts for I’m never again gonna see you
It hurts for me to hear your voice
It hurts for I was never going to be your number one choice

But what hurts the most is coming back
because I do not want to hurt you any more by having to leave you all over again

I love You
So I will go
For you to be happy once again.

How do I say goodbye to what we had?
The good times that made us laugh
Outweigh the bad.

I thought we'd get to see forever
But forever's gone away
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

I don't know where this road
Is going to lead
All I know is where we've been
And what we've been through.

If we get to see tomorrow
I hope it's worth all the wait
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

And I'll take with me the memories
To be my sunshine after the rain
It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

Isnin, Jun 28, 2010


Mom sent me this article in an email. I know she's telling me something, obviously. So I am passing it on to my dear readers, to share the knowledge, and so that you get the hint too. hahaha...

"Because Khadijah Asked..."
An Alternative Path To Meeting Mr. Right
by Megan Wyatt

Khadijah. Just saying her name instantly inspires me to want to be a stronger Muslimah, to sacrifice more, to discover her hidden strength and beauty she gave to her husband.

Khadijah. Who was this amazing, strong, beautiful, brilliant, pious, and noble woman? I don't mean who was she in the Seerah text, but who was she? What was it like to be her friend, what events shaped her life. What would it have been like to sit down with her, over a meal, and talk. What kind of advice could she tell me about marriage, Mr. Right, and living until your last breath is gone, all for the sake of Allah.

It is because of her that our Deen begins with a legacy that starts, after Rasulullah, with a woman. After the Mercy of Allah, it is because of her sacrifices that we are Muslims today. She gave everything she had, all that she owned, from her hands, heart, and soul for Islam.

But, to appreciate this beautiful opportunity she had, we have to back up to a very significant moment in time. That moment, is where she asked her maid servant, to inquire about the young man who was working for her to see if he was available for marriage, and would consider her. A man who had a beautiful character, was honest, hardworking, trustworthy, and produced amazing results for her business.

Khadijah asked.

Khadijah, may Allah's Mercy be upon her, asked about Prophet Muhammad for marriage.

She initiated the communication.

She sent someone on her behalf to find out if he was available for marriage.

And it was because she asked, that she got that blessed answer.

And with that answer, was the beginning of the of the greatest stories of love for all times, and also one of the greatest examples of a true Muhsina and Mumina.

A woman older than him, previously married with children, was inquiring about a younger bachelor, from one of the best tribes in town. The honor of his acceptance wasn't just hers alone. It was his too. He was going to marry one of the most beautiful hearts in all of Mecca. A woman who's heart would sacrifice everything she had to support him, and Islam.

Khadijah asked.

Today, you're probably wondering when and how you will get married. You go to school, maybe then grad school, and after this begin a career. As time passes, the pressure begins to set in to get married.

But out there in the world, you see lots of single and available brothers that you could consider as a Mr. Right potential.

What I want you to realize, is that many Mr. Right potentials, have no idea you're available for marriage, ready to settle down, have time for a husband, or willing to accept him for where he is at in his career and education. (After all, few brothers in their early 20s will have enough income saved up for a luxury wedding, vacation, apartment, and car all at once.) But I meet sisters who tell me that this
isn't the main issue, that they can wait while he builds his career and financial situation up.

How is he ever going to know that you don't mind letting him build things up over time? After all, he is living under the impression of the same cultural status quot you are.

I recently surveyed the brothers on our Practimate list, and told them I was teaching you to be proactive, similiar to Khadijah, in finding a husband, by sending a third party to inquire on their behalf, whether a mahram, or a trusted friend. I asked them if they thought this was weird, desperate, or something they would consider offensive.

Their responses broke the common myth!

One brother said

"It will be more helpful if the word is "out there" in an appropriate manner. I feel like the present times are a bit in transition where old systems are failing (the waiting game) and new systems are coming into play, and we are held up between the two. For my parents' time the waiting thing worked as it had the right setting from every perspective... "

Another brother said,

"A girl needs to put all the "games" aside and just be real with people. If that means that she tells her family about the brother...so they can talk with him, so be it. In fact, if a sister's family or someone she knows came to me telling me that a sister is interested in me, I would at the very least check it out; I would take the opportunity seriously. Khadija (R) sent someone to speak with the Prophet ssws about marriage...she took the initiative, this also shows that a women is strong and willing to take charge when needed. The sister has to be a REAL, genuine person, down to earth (for it to work.)

In general, the idea of you sending someone, respectably speaking, to inquire with tactfulness, and in a good manner - not a "I have a friend who likes you" mentality, but again, with maturity and modesty, is something a mature man, ready for marriage, will appreciate.

Only 1% of the brothers who responded didn't agree with my recommendation. And it's not that he disagreed, just felt that men should be more pro-active themselves, if they really want to be married.

So why not pursue Mr. Right like Khadijah?

Sadly, we have ignored this example (and others) from Islam of women sending a "messenger" to inquire on their behalf about marriage. That they were proactively involved in the marriage process.

Sisters accuse others of being desperate when they let others know they are looking to get married.

Families believe that a daughter must be sought after and it is shameful for a daughter and her family to approach a man for marriage.

And so, many beautiful, smart, educated, talented women are waiting and waiting for Mr. Right to knock on their father's door. And in the silence of a new beautiful day, when no one is looking you may feel sad and despair. Of course, you know all things are in the hands of Allah. Of course you know that there is reward in sabr, but you are like everyone else on the planet. A desire to marry, and one day to begin a new family.

So rather than judgment, and a discussion on the ideal bubble we all "should," be living in:

It's time to re-examine our value system, and not forbid or look down upon something approved of and practiced by the best man on the face of the earth, and our Mother for all believers, one of the best women in human history.

The re-examination process, begins with you.

If you are ready to consider an alternative option for seeking out Mr. Right, then first, I want to mention that there are rules to this pro-active approach.

Here are some guidelines to follow anytime you are considering being the pro-active person in initiating marriage dialogue.

1) Never initiate something without having a wali or mahram having complete knowledge of what is going on. This protects you and the potential Mr. Right from ending up in a situation not pleasing to Allah. You want to go through this process in a halal and dignified manner.

2) Send someone you trust to ask on your behalf, without initially revealing your identity. This way, you know if the brother is even available before revealing your personal information. One brother mentioned in the survey responses, that it's great to give a brother a heads up that someone is interested, because if he is talking to another sister already, then he can let the messenger know, and if it doesn't work out, he can come back and also let her know.

If he is interested, then have your "go between" share who you are, and ask the brother how you and your wali can contact him - but communication should always go back to your wali or mahram.

3) Pray istikharah. We ask Allah to guide us daily every time we say "Ihdina Siratul-Mustaqeem" in Salah, but we are also blessed to have a special du'a just for making decisions.

The reality is that many brothers out there desperately want to get married, but feel there are so many hurdles to overcome to get there.

The first hurdle, is fearing rejection. Women tend to think men always have their act all put together, but they have their own batch of insecurities, and fears. It may make things easier for a man to consider you when he already knows you are interested. And if he isn't, he will be more confident in pursueing the right person for him in the future.

And what about you? Doesn't this put you on the line to face rejection. Of course it does, but you have two choices. Do nothing, and wait, and handle the challenges of just waiting, which is fine if this is the path you want to take. Or do something, be pro-active, and possibly meet your Mr. Right, and handle the challenges of asking.

In every other area of 'ibahadah, we don't sit down and wait for it to come. For Hajj we save, for money we work, for knowledge we seek it out. Marriage doesn't have to be an exception.

Because Khadijah asked, you could too.

sekadar gambar hiasan

Selasa, Jun 22, 2010

The Test of Time

Seperti malam-malam biasa, I just have to read a page or two to help me sleep. Last nite was no exception. Randomly picked up 'Dear John' from the shelves, a book by Nicolas Sparks, dreading its outcome. As it is, those who are familiar with his works must know, mana ada buku dia yang tak bikin air mata mengalir macam empangan pecah?? Atas alasan itu, this book has been put aside ever since I bought it some time ago, konon macam tunggu hari emosi paling stabil. Not.

I have never read any reviews, nor did I know that this book has been turned into a movie starring Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried until Shamam told me about it.

Dear John:
It was two weeks that would change their lives forever. Soon after John (Channing Tatum - Public Enemies, G.I. Joe) and Savannah (Amanda Seyfried - Mamma Mia, TV's “Big Love”) fall madly in love, their relationship is put on hold. With one leaving to complete his service, and the other to complete her college education, they pass the time by exchanging a continuous stream of love letters, until they can be reunited permanently a year later. But when war breaks out, their separation is extended indefinitely. Will their relationship survive the greatest test of all: the test of time?

So of all the books I could choose, it just had to be one with long-distance relationship in the plot, kan. Sigh. Just my luck. It wasn't long before the book starts to feel familiar, too familiar than I would have liked.

Those who have been in a long distance relationship would understand how it feels. Those who have never tried it, you'll say "oh I know how hard it is!" but no, you'll never quite fathom it. Of how you feel like split into two everytime he tells you about something happy that happened to him, partly so happy for him, partly so miserable because he could still be happy, even without you. Tak baik kan? Worst, if something bad were to happen to him, and all you could do is to ease his pain through the phone.

Ada satu part in the book that struck me to the core. It went like this,

"Usually I'd call her before dawn, as I always had - it was around midnight her time - and though I'd always been able to reach her in the past, more than once she wasn't home. Though I tried to convince myself she was out with friends or her parents, it was difficult to keep my thoughts from running wild. After hanging up the phone, I sometimes found myself imagining that she'd met another man she cared about. Sometimes I would call two or three more times in the next hour, growing angrier with every ring that went unanswered.

When she would finally answer, I could have asked her where she'd been, but I never did. Nor did she always volunteer the information. I know I made a mistake in keeping quiet, simply because I found it impossible to banish the question from my mind, even as I tried to focus on the conversation at hand. More often than not, I was tense on the phone, and her responses were tense as well. Too often our conversations were less a joyous exchange of affection than a rudimentary exchange of information. After hanging up, I always hater myself for the jealousy I'd been feeling, and I'd beat myself up for the next couple of days, promising I wouldn't let it happen again.

Other times, however, Savannah came across as exactly the same person I remembered, and I could tell how much she still cared for me. Throughout it all, I loved her as much as I always had, and I found myself aching for those simpler times in the past. I knew what was happening, of course. As we were drifting apart, I was becoming more desperate to save what we once had shared; like a vicious circle, however, my desperation made us drift apart even further."

So true.

If, in case, you're wondering, why am I still holding on, if it is so painful?

He's my soulmate. And not many people are lucky enough to find theirs. I just pray, for Allah to give us both strength to hold on, and to withstand this test of time. Aminn, aminn, aminn.

p/s: Love you, Kitt.

Isnin, Jun 21, 2010

Cinta Sepi

Kau nyalakan pelita hati
Tapi sayang di tengah hari
Aku sendiri bukan tak peduli
Betapa halusnya cinta
Hingga kita bisa tersinggung
Walau dengan setitis dusta

Terbakar hari panas mentari
Panas lagi cinta ini
Haruskah kita terus begini
Dalam mencari erti cinta
Hingga kita bisa tersinggung
Walau dnegan setitis dusta

Diam bukan bererti
Aku tidak mengerti
Dan bukan cumbu rayu
Yang mebuat kita rindu

Lumrahnya cinta
Sedang kita alami cinta sepi
Dekat ku rasa jauh pun ku rasa
Sekuat mana getaran cinta kita

Ahad, Jun 20, 2010


"Don’t let someone miss you so much because you might never know how you are giving them reasons to forget you."

It's painful to be abandoned. Attention is crucial for a healthy mental development.

Sabtu, Jun 19, 2010

Hari Bersamanya

Hari telah berganti,
Tak bisa ku hindari,
Tibalah saat ini bertemu dengannya
Jantungku berdegup cepat
Kaki bergetar hebat
Akan kah ku ulangi merusak harinya...

Mohon Tuhan, untuk kali saja,
Beri aku kekuatan, untuk menatap matanya
Mohon Tuhan, untuk kali ini saja,
Lancarkanlah hari ku, hari ku bersamanya...

Kau tahu betapa aku, lemah dihadapannya
Kau tahu betapa lama aku mendambanya...

Mohon Tuhan, untuk kali saja,
Beri aku kekuatan, untuk menatap matanya
Mohon Tuhan, untuk kali ini saja,
Lancarkanlah hari ku, hari ku bersamanya...

Khamis, Jun 17, 2010

4 sehat, 5 sempurna...

Ciri-ciri mencari pacar:

1. sholeh

2. pintar

3. ganteng

4. mapan

dan yang bikin dia sempurna...

5. mau sama saya. :p

(as taken from Raditya Dika's twitter account)

Thank God, I find them all in you.

Rabu, Jun 16, 2010

Diari World Cup Saya

Saya akui, sebelum tahun 1998, tak ambil tahu sepatah haram pun tentang World Cup. I WAS one of those "Football is a mens' thing and it gives me headache" kind of girl. The only thing I knew, menatang tu 4 tahun sekali.

Then the 1998 Fifa World Cup was held in France, and things changed.

Disclaimer: You guys wouldn't seriously expect me to comment on the technical side of football, do you? :p


Tingkatan 4 di Sekolah Seri Puteri (eceh, sekali sekala tulis nama penuh kot2 ada orang google. Hi Budak SSP!). Belajar bahasa Perancis sebagai bahasa ketiga. (Sampai pernah kena perli-perli dengan Ustazah masa Form 1. Katanya French bahasa kapir. Kalau nak masuk syurga kena belajar Bahasa Arab, bahasa syurga).

World Cup in France, artinya kelas bahasa Perancis kitorang pun jadi macam Pesta Piala Dunia. Hari-hari cerita pasal bola, belajar lagu bola, tulis karangan pasal bola, apatah lagi ditambah dengan muka yang dah memang bulat macam bola.

Masuk pertandingan menulis essay dalam bahasa Perancis tentang World Cup, kalau menang boleh tengok final in France! Haha. Tapi saya kalah, of course. Chope dan Zila je masuk saringan ke 2. Diorang kalah jugak LOL. Tapi dapat jemputan pergi majlis party World Cup kat Kedutaan Perancis. Semangat nak pergi sebab nak usha mamat French. Dah namanya budak asrama, nak keluar kena dapat kebenaran warden, kena ada chaperone, Mademoiselle Sheila, our French teacher pulak tak nak pergi. So Chope, Zila and I as their partner-in-crime, came up with a plan. Ngehehehhehe...

Pendek kata. Plan itu berjaya! Hahah sorry I can't disclose what we did, Chope and Ziela would probably kill me if I do :p

And off we went to the French Embassy. Dah sampai, baru merasa rendah diri. We stuck out like a sore thumb! Orang lain semua wangi semerbak gaun kembang-kembang, the men even wore tuxedos! The 3 of us? Pakai baju kurung cotton lusuh, minyak wangi Impulse (time tu yang famous, Impulse Spice Girls!), capal buruk. Tapi ada hati jugak tu nak try main mata dengan anak duta. Haha...and I still clearly remember, dah sampai sana baru sedar all 3 of us puasa. Dinner started early, around 6. So we sat at a corner, waiting for waktu berbuka. Time waktu berbuka, there weren't much food left, just finger food to nibble!


Being a senior, there are some perks. Antaranya being allowed to stay up and watch the World Cup finals. Tapi form 4 boleh tengok game untuk menentukan tempat ke-3 je, Netherlands vs Croatia, form 5 baru boleh tengok final game France vs Brazil. Wah, time tu semangat! Bawa bantal, selimut, keropok ikan berkampung di RecRoom Blok C. Berlagak dengan junior sebab diorang tak boleh tengok. Bersorak macamlah Malaysia yang masuk World Cup.

Alih-alih time game berlangsung, 70% of us slept (termasuklah saya hahaha)


World Cup di Korea dan Jepun. Best! Sebab beza waktu tak banyak so we do not have to stay up at ungodly hours to watch the games. Sweet, sweet memories...waktu inilah saya berkenalan dengan pujaan hati yang satu ini...

Hidetoshi Nakata

Sepertinya, bukan rahasia lagi, I was crazeeeeee about this guy! So much so, kucing saya pun diberi nama Nakata. And the cat truly lived up to his name, berjaya menjadi kucing paling kacak bergaya daerah Gasing Indah. Walaupun ada percubaan untuk menukar namanya kepada Aimar sempena Pablo Aimar oleh adik lelaki saya, niat jahat itu gagal. Nakata enggan menyahut kalau dipanggil Aimar. Kalau panggil Nakata baru mengiau macho dalam bahasa Jepun.

Time ni, hobi pakai jersi Jepun ke kelas. Hahaha. I must have had like, 4! Lepas tu dah pandai pulak tu ponteng-ponteng kelas sebab nak tengok game. Tak senonoh sunggoh la perangai.

In 2002, Ronaldo create fesyen rambut macam tuyul. And Brazil won! Ada kaitan tak agaknya? *misteri nusantara*


World Cup in Germany. Balik lagi rutin bergadang berjaga pagi gara-gara nak tengok bola. Time ni dah kerja, so it was a bit of a challenge to keep my eyes open the very next day!

Happy sebab dapat bertemu semula dengan pujaan hati (rujuk gambar separa bogel diatas).

Contrary to my boyfriend's belief, who seems to think I have a crush on Cristiano Ronaldo, I dislike him to the core. Rasa nak pijak-pijak dia jadi lempeng. Sangat menyampah tengok muka itu orang.

Tapi masa England vs. Portugal, I went to Hartamas Square lagi with some friends, konon nak lebih semangat jaya. But since almost everyone there were supporting England, I quietly rooted for Portugal, just to spite everyone. Hahaha...quietly, sebab takut kena dipukul secara berkumpulan di situ. Portugal won, yeay! Mari pijak Cristiano Ronaldo jadi lempeng!

World Cup this year was won by Italy. Saya dan Peon punya teori, pasti kerana jersi mereka lebih ketat, lebih aerodinamik. (dan, lebih sedap mata memandang LOL)


Awal-awal sang pacar dah call dan pesan. Don't miss the World Cup!

Sedikit sedih menghadapi kenyataan, kelibat Hidetoshi Nakata tidak akan lagi menghiasi horizon pandangan. sob sob!

The best thing about 2010 World Cup is, now we're watching it in HD! Butir-butir peluh yang terbit dari tubuh pun boleh dilihat dengan jelas, apatah lagi jerawat batu dan taik mata. Hahaha.

Dan saya dah dapat menyejuk mata yang baru. Bukan satu, tapi 2!

Lionel Messi sumpah comel! Saya sokong Argentina! hahahaha...

Namanya HONDA, and he wears blue. Sangat matching dengan kecintaan saya yang satu ini...


Yang penting, saya sudah siap untuk berjaga malam, menyaksikan seberapa banyak perlawanan World Cup yang termampu. Mak dah declare pada saudara-mara, selama 31 hari, jangan datang rumah. Rumah kami dah jadi kubang orang tengok bola. Hahahaha...

Paling penting, mak belikan ini sebagai persediaaan:

Sangat semangat!

Nota kaki: Here's the thing. I only watch football during World Cup. Selama sebulan, 4 tahun sekali. Kenapa? Well mainly most of time sebab saya malas nak stay up, kedua sebab I like the spirit when people play for their country, it's so different!

Anggapan perempuan tak suka menonton sepak bola, saya rasa generalisasi seperti itu tidak penting.

But I have seen girls complaining about their men busying themselves watching football daily sampai tak boleh keluar dating dah tak nak call main sms sampai credit habis malas nak teman korang shopping, asyik nak makan bola tidur bola sepak bola seeing balls chasing after a ball.

Girls, seriously...

It's just for a month, 4 tahun sekali. Surely you are not THAT self centered?

Isnin, Jun 14, 2010

Bila Cinta...

"Ku sebut namamu
Disetiap doaku
Bangkitkan setiap kenangan tentangmu
Yang kudapat hanyalah
Bayang mu..."

Jumaat, Jun 11, 2010

Confounding Cambodia

Soraya, Kikin, Rina and yours truly spent 6 days last March immersing ourselves in Cambodian culture and history. I can say, it is truly an emotional trip, in so many ways. Cakap banyak tak guna pakai sejarah dan keindahan kat sana, google pun boleh. (pemalas nak menulis)

I didn't think Cambodia is a country I would sorely miss when I left. But I do. I really do *sigh*

Watching sunset at Tonle Sap Lake

Floating Village

Ahlil Mesyuarat Tingkat di Angkor Wat

This probably speaks for itself

Sunrise at Angkor Wat. We woke up at 4am for this!

Kalau ditanya, what is the best thing about Cambodia?

We won't say Angkor Wat. Although it was really magnificent.

We won't say shopping. Although saya shopping agak macam nak gila jugak lah, Kikin jadi saksi how we left Rina and Soraya to sleep while we woke up subuh2 buta dan bergegas ke Russian Market to be the 1st one there hehehe.

Kami, dengan seiya sekata sehati sejiwa sebaris tanpa ragu-ragu berkata, it's the people!!

Kami terjumpa perkampungan Islam, masjid dan madrasah ini secara tak sengaja, di Siem Reap. Menitik air mata bila fikirkan how Allah led us to this place. Subhanallah. It was a really moving moment for us, to find this place, and to mingle with the locals and the kids. InsyaAllah, we shall return!

Imam Negeri Siem Reap, Ustaz Haji Musa, cooking this dish called "Lembu naik bukit" for us. The best meal we had throughout the trip!

We nicknamed him Mr. Bikbik. Ceritanya, biarlah kami sahaja yang tahu!!

Sepanjang di Cambodia, teringin nak makan durian. On the last day, right before balik, baru dapat! Kitorang tengah melepak kat our favorite makan place in Phnom Penh, 'Warung Bali'(dasar orang berlidah jawa, pergi Cambodia pun cari makanan Indonesia! Hahaha but really, makanan kat tempat ni je yang mesra dengan tekak waktu di Phnom Penh) then ada pakcik berjualan durian atas motor mcm Benggali Roti. Nasib baik ada Encik Yusuf ni tolong tawarkan harga. Merasa juga durian Cambodia, Sumpah, tak tipu, sedap maknyussss!!!*terkenang-kenang*

Ye. Saya memang sesuai sangat jadi nanny.

OMG! Brownies!

Yesterday was one of those days, when I feel so stressed out that I had to cook to release some steam. (bertuahlah suami I nanti, kalau I marah-marah je I masak, marah je masak, suka lah dia buat I marah, kan? :p) so voila...

Brownies Cokelat Kukus!

My first attempt. Rupa parasnya mungkin kurang sempurna tapi sumpah sedap! The texture is sooooo soft, so chocolatey, jadi merem melek emang maknyuss!! Nak-nak lagi kalau makan dengan ice cream vanilla, ohmaigoodness!

ye. entri ini memang nak bagi korang kecur liur. sukses tak?


A friend turns 19 last Wednesday. No, seriously, ini bukan kes enggan menerima hakikat umur sudah meninggi maka deduct 10 tahun dari umur sendiri (I admit, saya selalu buat macam ni), bukan. Dia benar-benar berusia 19 tahun.

So I asked her what she wishes for, for her birthday. Jawapannya sederhana, tapi mengena.

"Diberkati Allah, bisa lebih matang, lebih sabar, lebih bisa mengerti orang lain, bahagia dalam rumahtangga dan cepat-cepat dikurniakan anak."

Sejuk perut mendengarnya.

The first half of her wishes, entah kenapa buat saya terkedu. Saya selalu, seringkali, terlupa untuk memohon kepada Tuhan hal-hal itu. In my prayers, selalu berdoa untuk kesejahteraan, keberkatan (dan semestinya dikurniakan jodoh yang terbaik buat diri saya ngehehehehe) tapi saya selalu lupa, untuk memohon kematangan, kesabaran, pengertian terhadap orang lain.

It's always easier to just think, "okay aku dengan minah ni doesn't get along very well so that's that", or "kalau aku lah, aku mesti macam ni macam ni macam ni, apasal ko kena macam tu macam tu macam tu?? b*d*h piang!" or, "It's your fault! Yours!" (Sang Pacar selalu kena yang ni. Maaf ya sayang? :-p )

It's always easier to judge people using our own standards. So easy, that we often forget, we're all individuals, with different values, and different backgrounds.

"Demi Allah, semoga saya akan menjadi manusia yang lebih matang, lebih sabar, lebih bisa mengerti orang lain, dikurniakan jodoh yang terbaik untuk diri saya, Amin!"

yang last tu, tetapppp!

Selasa, Jun 08, 2010

Saya bersyukur saya tidak cantik

Di negara jiran, berita video panas MIRIP seorang penyanyi terkenal (dan, kacak) dan pasangannya, seorang pelakon, presenter yang cantik jelita sedang hangat diperkatakan. Saya katakan MIRIP, kerana sampai saat ini kedua-duanya tidak mengakui 2 orang yang asyik masyuk berkelonan di dalam video itu adalah mereka. Tapi saya bukan nak cerita tentang video itu, bukan.


Entah, disaat orang menghujat kebodohan mereka merakam aksi hangat dan handal mereka, saya kasihan dengan mereka. Iya, kasihan. Ternyata jadi orang cantik jelita, indah paras rupa ini bukan mudah menuju tangga ke angkasa, oooh yeah. Presenter ini sendiri, tak pernah surut dari dilanda kes-kes yang menggugat kariernya. Lepas satu, satu.
Kecantikan, satu anugerah Tuhan, sekaligus adalah dugaan kalau tidak digunakan sebaiknya.

In the first place, cuba kalau badan dia macam gajah bunting, dengan kulit berkerak hitam bak bontot kuali, mungkin tak ada orang nak rakam dia in action. Kalau pun ada, mungkin tak ada orang nak pergi jaja ke seantero alam. Dan, kalaaaaau ada jugak video sedemikian, lalu ke korang nak tengok? Mungkin tidak.

Jadi, saya bersyukur dengan tampang pas-pasan saya ini(i.e: muka yg can do je lah). Belum tentu saya kuat kalau diduga dengan wajah jelita bak bidadari, bersinar berseri macam bulan purnama, tubuh sempurna seperti gitar, kulit halus mulus putih macam model iklan LUX (ehem!), rambut lembut mengurai macam model iklan syampoo. Allah sayangkan saya, sebab tu dia jadikan saya seperti ini. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Jadi saya kuat untuk menutup aurat, kuranglah sikit dosa saya.

In other words,

Kalau aku lah ada body macam presenter tu, matilah aku pakai skirt pendek dengan coli je kemana-mana! Sikit-sikit nak buka-bukaan je kerjanya!


Cik TAK Cantik dan haiwan peliharaan

Isnin, Jun 07, 2010

After the storm...

Took a break from blogging for like, 3 months! *yikes! I thot it was longer than that!*

But your ever so beautiful (ehem, ehem) Cik Cantik is back, so you can have reasons to ignore the piling work on top of your desk just to pretend you have something important to do, i.e reading my blog. Hahaha...

It's gonna take a while to allow the blogging habit to re-inhibit its place inside this broken heart, so bear with me, good friends?


Ada lagi ke orang nak baca blog aku nih? LOL

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