Rabu, Julai 07, 2010


I have been told, that when girls say, "Terserah", it actually means "Go ahead and try, kalau dah puas hidup!" Saya mengaku, saya pun pernah melakukan ini. Saying one thing but meant something else completely. Don't shoot me, I am just a girl! I am being true to my gender discrimination!

I am, one of those girls who doesn't understand girl talk. More so when a guy uses it.

But guys are supposed to be straightforward, right? They are supposed to say 'Yes' when they mean 'Yes', and 'no' when it's a no.



They too, say "I'm okay, beneran gpp" when they meant "I'm jealous, you bloody idiot!"

And they use all those smiley annoyingly cute icons to emphasize how okay they are, when they are obviously not.

Here's the thing. Most girls, like it when their guy got jealous, within reasons, of course. Kita pun rasa macam, dihargai dan gak sanggup kehilangan. Ada feel macam, ohhemmgee, sayang juga awak kat saya eh? Hahaha...*gedik mode on*

Tapi jangan lah cakap pergi cakap,

"Silakan, awak boleh keluar dengan mana-mana lelaki yang awak nak. Saya tak kisah"

I, for one, hate that to the core. Saya bukan untuk barang untuk diberi kesana kemari. Therefore, kalau tak nak, tak suka, tak perlulah nak push me towards another direction. When a woman gives you her heart in earnest, it is in YOUR responsibility to take care of it, to ensure it will always belong to you. She loves you, for God's sake!

Main point is, jujur aja kenapa sih, payah amat?

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