Jumaat, Julai 02, 2010

Winning the War

girl: I will always remember,you said once, sometimes, war is needed to balance things up. this is sort of like a war, against life challenges
boy: iya kali ya
i think, this is a battle. not war. it's ok to lose a battle.
yg penting, win the war

girl: yeah well, as the commander, we should try, to win the war, with minimum lost
fight every battle as if our life depends on it
boy: hahahahaha
I'll give you an illustration
you have 3 divisions of army
1. very strong
2. strong
3. weak
while i have 3 divisions too,
1. very strong
2. strong
3. weak
How do you win the war?
girl: wait
you are not warring against ME!
boy: haha
pls answer
how do you win the war
girl: i will let my weak division fight ur very strong. my very strong fight ur strong, then my strong fight ur weak
boy: see?
sometimes, to win the war, we have to let go something. It's not about winning the battle, it's about winning the war.

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