Jumaat, Oktober 22, 2010

What's in my makeup bag?

I read in THIS blog, where she shared what she keeps in her make up bag, so I thought it would be fun (for reasons even I couldn't fathom) to share what's in mine. Hehehehe...


In clockwise order:

1. Miyami Two-Way Foundation with UV Protection (03-Dark)
The ever so trusted bedak. Saya tak tipu bila saya kata saya hanya menggunakan bedak ini. I must admit, I used to be one of those girls who spend a lot of foundations and powders, but not anymore! Love the coverage, love the staying power, and most of all, love the price!

2. MAC Plushglass in Fulfilled
Sebenarnya warna original tak macam yang korang lihat ni. Sebab selalu pakai this lipgloss on top of another lipcolor which transfered to the wand, maka warnanya pun bertukar. Nevertheless, I love it. Love the cooling minty feel when applied, love how it makes my lips looking oh-so-sexy and full macam Angelina Jolie! Hahaha...

3. Loreal GlamShine in Fire of Passion
Beli kat Loreal warehouse sale. RM17 masa sale. Sekarang menyesal tak sudah tak beli banyak-banyak because lipstick ni dah nak habis dan I cant seem to find it anywhere anymore. Sedih! Sheer finish with just right amount of color, perfect for day-to-day pakai kat office atau acara santai, dan murah. Hahaha...rasa macam sayang gitu nak pakai MAC hari-hari :p

4. MAC Aplified Lipstick in Cosmo
Lipstick untuk acara rasmi. This, when coupled with the Plushglass, stays on forever!

5. MAC Powder Blush in Melba
Blusher tercinta!

6. Rosebud Lip Balm in Mocha Rose
Love the slight hint of color, the smell of cocoa (which, can be overpowering for some. Tapi saya suka!), the texture. Saya tak tipu ya...I have used this on my hand as lotion, even on my face gara-gara travel lupa bawa moisturizer. Ok je!

7. The Body Shop EDT in Oceanus
Jujur, jarang pakai perfume ini. I just kept it in the makeup bag, in case rasa macam masyam semacam, or in case, like today, lupa nak pakai perfume! Saya lemah kalau tak pakai perfume, rasa serba tak kena gitu.

8. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Very Black
Ini baru dapat semalam. Hehehe. Baca review semua memuja2 mascara yang satu ini, jadi minta mak tolong belikan di Canada. Kat Malaysia tak dijual. Baru pakai sekali je, not enough to form a valid opinion.

Itu je yang ada dlm bag mekap saya.

So tell me, what's in yours?

2 ulasan:

anis-chan berkata...

i wanted to do this for quite a while when i saw some of my favourite bloggers did it. tapi tak terbuat lagi. will do! :D

Lissa Ahmad berkata...

uh, saya juga.. tapi makeup bag saya dah berkarat, dah 9 bulan ditinggalkan...

masa pregnen, serius malas giler makeup. sekarang, cuma ada Rosebud Lipbalm & Miyami jer.. hhehee, tak berbaloi utk diblog.. :P

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