Jumaat, Disember 31, 2010

Khamis, Disember 30, 2010


Still on Piala Suzuki AFF2010.

Tak nampak Jupe (Julia Perez) yang sibuk katanya nak datang pakai coli berlaser untuk merosak konsentrasi team Malaysia.

Yang saya nampak hanya Bepe. Bambang Pamungkas.

Aihhh mas yang seorang ini tambah ganteng aja dehhh.

p/s: Percuma ganteng, kerna bukan pacar saya :p

Hear us roarrrr!!!

Tak payah cerita panjang lebar, if you had even an inch of nationalism in your body, you would have watched the game last nite.

Harimau Malaya totally rocked Gelora Bung Karno Stadium last nite!!!

Sooooooooooooo proud of the boys! *kembang kempis hidung menahan bangga*

Gonna share this article written by 2 of my good friends, Soraya and Bai:

By Soraya Jamal & Baizura Basri

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 29 (Bernama) — Goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat’s sterling performance not only wooed new fans to his Facebook account but was also ranked fifth in top worldwide trend for social networking site Twitter.

Within one hour, the Kelantan-born goalkeeper climbed from relatively unknown to fifth most popular trend worldwide, beating ”Support Timnas”, which supported the Indonesian football team.

Khairul Fahmi was also most popular topic trend for Twitter in Indonesia.

His Facebook page managed 57,000 hits when this article was written, less than two hours compared with less than 50,000 fans before the match began.

Khairul Fahmi,21, managed to make more than 10 heart-stopping saves from the Indonesian team which attacked from the whistle.

”Thank you for bringing the sexy back to Malaysian football,” said one of his fans in the player’s football page.

Five of top ten worldwide Twitter trends were dominated by 90 minutes match of the second leg AFF Suzuki Cup final at Bung Karno Stadium.

Previously, Twitter was a platform for furious Indonesian fans who accusing Malaysia of unfairly winning the first leg final in Kuala Lumpur while Malaysian fans preferred to show their love and support in Facebook page.

Prolific striker Mohd Safee Mohd Sali received almost 17,000 ”Like” hits on Facebook from 15,000 halfway through the match.

Mohd Safee who scored the first goal during the second leg was also the top scorer of the whole tournament with five goals.

Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand also congratulated the Malaysian team through his twitter account @rioferdy5.

”Congratulations to Malaysia who beat Indonesia in the Suzuki Cup final. I
played against the Malaysian under 23 team 18 months ago. Quite a good team,” he said.

Southeast Asians are major users of Twitter and Facebook with Indonesia
having 15 million tweeters, the third highest after US and Brazil while
Malaysians have the most Facebook ”friends” averaging 230 friends per users.



Altho the title of Most Valuable Player (MVP) went to Indonesia's captain, KEKANDA Khairul Fahmi tetapppp MVP di hatiku! He was just magnificent!

Thanks to the Malaysian team for playing a great game, Indonesian team for proving they are a worthy opponent indeed (COngratulations on winning the 2nd leg!), terima kasih kerana menyatukan warga Malaysian bawah satu bendera (sooo love the #iheartMalaysia spirit!), terima kasih kerana sekali lagi mengingatkan saya betapa bangganya saya menjadi anak Malaysia.


Terima kasih DS Najib Razak sebab besok cutiiiiiii!! Yabbedabedoooo!!!

Rabu, Disember 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday #1

Pic taken on Sunday, 26th Dec 2010. He passed away the next day.

Not quite wordless, but...

Rest in peace, Bee.

p/s: Miss u lots

Khamis, Disember 23, 2010

Too good

Spent days and nights planning for something, it left me giddy just thinking of it. I was afraid to share it with people, afraid I might jinx it.

It is, afteralll...too good to be true!

Turns out that thing I had planned for is not going to happen. *crushed*


I am sure Allah has better things planned for me. For us.

Thank God I had hoped for the best and prepared for the worst!

Note: Not gonna break down and cry just yet. It's one of those times that it hurts just to smile but to smile I must!


Good news...

Saya dah ada blog khusus untuk berkongsi hasil kerja-kerja andaman saya!


I know it's still under construction, but I would TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY appreciate it if you could pass the word around?

Love u lah!

Rabu, Disember 22, 2010

Suami Muda


Meet, the Younghusbands.

James Younghusband and Philip Younghusband, to be specific. Both are English-Filipino footballers, born in Ashford, Middlesex, England, and now plays for Philippines national team. James is 24, Philip's 23.

I still can't get over their surname (they have brondong built into their names, how cool is that!)



hahahhaa...cerahhhh mata menengoknya!

Brondong material sangat kan, uols?

nota: my bf might kill me for this.

Jumaat, Disember 17, 2010

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

Arwah Abah selalu pesan,
Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Lately bila fikir-fikir balik, if I had done that, I would have been saved from lots of dissappointments.

Contoh mudah:
Tahun lalu bila saya menonton teater muzikal 'Impak Maksima', saya masuk dengan expectation yang rendah, I must admit. Macam...gila ke apakah, filem rempit itu(which, I hated to the core, maaf) dibikin muzikal? Aiyoh! Will the cars start dancing and singing or something? Tapi saya keluar, feeling soooo impressed! Gila kau atas pentas Istana Budaya ada kereta buat drift, wa cakap sama lu!

Tahun yang sama, saya menonton teater muzikal Natrah. The line up, I tell you, boleh buat mata terjojol. Ada Remy yang fresh from his sudden rise thanks to Nur Kasih, ada Maya Karin, ada Sofea Jane, ada Umie Aida, directornya Erma Fatima...woww, woww, dan woww lagi!! Maka saya expect yang terbaik dari teater ini. Tapi hasilnya, saya keluar dewan dengan rasa HAMPA. Lagu macam filem hindustan zaman 70an, meleret2, Maya is so not convincing as the 13 y.o Natrah (she's like 30, for God's sake!), chemistry zero, boring!

Tapi cuba kalau saya masuk dewan tu expect kereta dalam muzikal Impak Maksima memang akan menari tarian sawang (misalnya, misalnya) atau Natrah adalah akan sehopeless filem Razak Mohaideen, pastinya saya akan a) kecewa dgn teater impak maksima b) terhibur dgn teater natrah, yang tidaklah sehopeless filem Razak Mohaideen.

Maaf, contoh saya panjang meleret-leret.

Kesimpulan saya adalah:

Kenyataan dan keinginan memang tak selalu sejalan. Deal with that.

Khamis, Disember 16, 2010

It's time

It's the time of the year. Again.

Closing accounts.



Reports, Board meeting papers, lots of files.

Yadaa yadaa. Orang tak penting memang lah macam ni. Harus membanting tulang.

I know I would be needing a good massage by the time it's all over, probably by March next year. (bleurghhh...lamaaaa lagi!!)

Nevertheless, so far, 2011 promises to be a good year. Can hardly wait!

But before I could sit back, relax and enjoy the coming year...

Kerja dulu ah.

Rabu, Disember 08, 2010


Isn't it ironic, when you hold something so tight in your hand, because you are afraid of losing it...

Only to realize you have crushed it with your deathly grip.

Khamis, Disember 02, 2010

Years From Now

What will I be years from now
What will I wear, how will I look
I think too much, I think too much

Sometimes it’s scary over thinking
What you have or haven’t done
You think too much, you think too much

Will the rain smell the same
Will our loosing treacherous game
And the star much shine
The colours seem so blurry

Will I end up all alone
Without a shoulder to cry on

What will I be years from now
I have answered them but none have answered me
And when my time has come
I hope my last seconds in this life will have you
Will have you

Will the rain smell the same
Will our loosing treacherous game
And neglect most people who
Seems so worthy

Will I end up all alone
Without a shoulder to cry on

- Aizat

Saya tak suka!

Nota: This entry is requested by a friend.


Insert Icon Pissed Off.

And you, I hope you are feeling better *hugs*

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