Jumaat, Januari 14, 2011

Numero Uno!

This beautiful princess is now 1!

Number One
You are one,
Let’s have some fun.
Teddies or blocks,
Where are your socks?

Milk tastes so sweet,
With honey and heat.
Today we will play,
With Sunshine and day.

We wish you the best,
As you grow healthy, no less.
Has it been a year?
We love you our dear.

By Martin Dejnicki

May u grow to become a beautiful person, inside and out, which if you're anything like your parents (and I am sure you are!), I have no doubt you'll be.

Love u, Lea Arryana!

2 ulasan:

peonate berkata...

like like like :)
sorry lambat baru balik kk
lea sgt super duper friendly dalam flight bising btol babai and ketuk² everyone!

and die sgt byk cakap.. anything that u say, dia akan ulang so hv to be extra careful

adik² aku ajar die word² like luna maya, ariel, julia perez la ape la ciss

awesome blossom berkata...

hahaha lawak aku baca komen ko peon

anyway, pose lea dalam gambar tu mcm step exercise yg trainer gym aku pernah ajar dulu, hohoho. bagus utk otot perut

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