Selasa, Januari 18, 2011


Take the worst situations imaginable
and squeeze them into a ball.
Then find a loving couple,
and hit them with the worst of them all.

Mix in arguements with screaming
and anguish caused by broken hearts.
Throw in separation of the worst kind,
forcing each one to live far apart.

Take imprisonment and loneliness,
you'll find that both shall weep with despair and cry.
And just for fun add betrayal,
because what can hurt worse than a lie?

See how the man is tormented now?
and his soul seems faded and gray...
Watch how the woman questions her life,
wondering how she can go on another day...

Drifting apart as each day goes on,
neither knows what to do.
Was weeks turn into months, nothing is said,
not even a single "I love you..."

Why didn't they simply give up and turn away
from a relationship completely gone sour?
Because God had put them together for a reason,
and there isn't any resisting His power.

Though the hurdles they lept and the obstacles they surpassed
would have torn any other couple apart...
This man and this woman truly did belong together,
and they survived because of the true love in their hearts.

And when the hardship came to pass
and they felt they couldn't go on any longer,
They held onto their faith and overcame,
each time it only made their love stronger.

Why bother to try so hard with someone
when the road is so rocky, who's the fool?
Well answer me this, through everything they've survived,
can you think of any more deserving to be together than these two?...


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