Isnin, September 05, 2011

Why Celcom BlueCube sucks

I've been a loyal Celcom customer for years. I had a short stint as a Maxis user for like a few months when I was 18, and that's it. Been with Celcom ever since. Thank you Celcom for recognizing my loyalty and upgraded me to be a Premium Customer.

Dan sebab saya loyal, tak pernah terfikir lagi nak berpaling ke hati provider yang lain. And I rarely have any problems with Celcom, Thank God!

Except for this.

Saya selalu rengsa dengan pekerja Blue Cube Midvalley! Bukan sekali, bukan dua...tapi dah 5 kali (ye, saya kira) berhadapan dengan pekerja2 kurang sopan, kurang ajar, kurang manis kat situ. And if you wonder, aik...dah 5 kali tak serik lagi? Saya dah serik by 2nd time. The rest is when I go with other people yang nak berurusan disitu. Setiap kali, dalam hati mesti terdetik, "BlueCube Midvalley ni biasanya pekerja dia sangat kurang ajar. Tapi takpe, let's give them a chance to redeem themselves" and still, still...they just have to go and prove me right!

Yang terakhir, last weekend. Mom wants to go to pay her bills, which she had to do at a Celcom centre to get the receipt else she can't claim back from her office. Okay, since we were in Midvalley, she wants to go to Bluecube. Okay lagi.

Sampai je kat sana, ada 2 staffs. 1 Malay guy and 1 Chinese lady. The Chinese lady came to my mom and asked, "Nak apa?" Mak pun kata lah, nak bayar bill. Dengan nada beberapa oktaf lebih tinggi, dan muka kerek, minah tu jawab, "Eh, sini boleh bayar pakai card credit je!!" Mom and I was like, Weyy lu ingat kitorang tak mampu pakai card credit ke, dodol!

Upon realizing that we indeed, want to pay with credit card, she shrugged and walked away to her station behind a PC. My mom followed and sat in front of her. For a good 10 minutes, she didn't address my mom at all. Instead, she was busy typing and laughing at probably something funny in her computer, and although we were puzzled with her behaviour, we waited.

Then another customer came, a Chinese family. She jumped up and greeted them, all smiles. Darah panglima gua pun mendidih la, I asked her why did she leave my mom macam tu je? Jawapan dia. "Oh, computer tu tak boleh buat payment."

Eh lancau! Dah takleh nak buat payment, kau cakap lah siang-siang! Kau ingat, orang suka ke nak mengadap muka kau yang tak cantik tu macam orang bodoh?! Rupanya kena pergi kat komputer satu lagi. Minah tu buat muka tak bersalah je, siap angkat bahu, then turn around nak layan customer yang baru datang tu. Aku sound la, "You could have said something instead of wasting our time!" And dia buat muka tak dengar. Eiii, customer service pungkoq hang! We don't mind waiting, but the least you could do is to treat your customers with courtesy lah!

Seriously Celcom, I love you've got to do something about your customer service people. They're the frontliners, they represent the brand and what it stands for, and from what was reflected from this girl's behaviour, memang FAIL! Please, for your own sake, send them for some courtesy training.

I googled, and I found some interesting blog entries, by people who were unhappy with your BlueCube services. You can read them here, here and here. Just so you see that I'm not alone when I say, you suck!

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