Khamis, November 10, 2011

Macam pernah ku liat...Tapi dimana yah?

Read a tweet about Universitas Airlangga. Googled 'Airlangga'.

Here's what Wikipedia came out with:

Airlangga (also speltErlangga) (991 in Bali, Indonesia – 1049 in Java) was the only raja of the Kingdom of Kahuripan, which was built out of the rubble of the Kingdom of Medang after the Srivijaya invasion. Airlangga means "he who crossed the water", the name described his life story; born in the court of Bali and during his youth crossed the Bali Strait to stay in Java and later ruled the kingdom in East Java.

Wiki also came up with this pic:

The deified statue of King Airlangga depicted as Vishnu mounting Garuda, found in Belahan, collection of Trowulan Museum, East Java.

I thought...hmmm...wait. That looks familiar.


Didn't even realize what statue that was. Now i know. :-D

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