Khamis, Ogos 30, 2012

Doa Bertemu Jodoh

A kind lady I met in Makkah just sent me this. Semoga bermanfaat juga buat orang lain...

Khamis, Ogos 16, 2012

Orang baru ke?

A contractor who does some maintenance work on the office machineries, walked up to me at work yesterday.

He asked...

"Orang baru ke? I remember there was a lady sitting here but. But...

Dia gemok."

*krik krik krikkk*

Not sure to laugh or to give him a good wallop?

India, May 2011.

July 2012. 16 kg lighter...(and counting)

Here's to remind myself not to go back there. Cemungudddd!

Nota: Just for the record. No produk untuk menguruskan badan, ubat-ubatan nor korset ribu-ribu involved. :-)

Happiness Is The Truth

Been a while since I felt so deliriously happy to the point that I fell like telling the whole world how I feel, and why. But, having been...