Selasa, September 18, 2012

From Hogwarts to Legoland

My first time travelling with Jetstar

Went to the Harry POtter Exhibition at Marina Bay Sands (if you're a Potterhead, you'd love it!

And went on to spend the whole of the next day at the newly opened, first Legoland in Asia!
My partner in crime and tuan rumah di JB, Mbak Naemah! Thanks for the hospitality, as always!

Late that night...ada live NOAH di SCTV!

Ini Ariel makan apa sih di penjara? Makin seksi ajaaa :p Seriously, he's SOOOOOO HOT!

Dan sebagai acara penutup untuk long weekend yang menyenangkan, before i got on my flight back to KL, had breakfast with my Singaporean bestfriend, cik tunangan orang, Raudha!

Thanks Naemah and Raudha for completing my amazing weekend!

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