Khamis, September 20, 2012


Hampir setiap kali kalau ke Singapore, saya sempatkan diri beli at least sebotol perfume. Stock setahun, katanya. Hehehe...even when Raudha met me last Monday, that's what she asked. "Beli perfume tak?"

Those who follow me on twitter, might have read my ramblings (read: meroyan) about nyonya cina who made such a big fuss about my perfume. Siapa yang belum tahu, makcik tu sudah pergi mengadu lah sama bos-bos besar, that I wear too much perfume.


It doesn't matter that other people wears perfume too. It doesn't matter that she complains about the smell even when I am not around. It also doesnt matter that the complains comes from her and her alone. It doesn't matter that I've been using the same scents for about a year already and NOW baru kau nak mengadu? It doesn't matter. Dasar perempuan sengaja mencari pasal.

So. Naturally. Lagilah TERPAKSA beli perfume baru biar lebih TERGANGGU hidung dia, kan? alasan

I end up buying this:

Meow is the second fragrance from the American pop singer Katy Perry. The fragrance is announced as very sweet, inspired by the magical land of Candyfornia.
Meow is developed by Givaudan perfumers. The fragrance opens with notes of tangerine, pear, jasmine and gardenia; the heart are honeysuckle, lily of the valley and orange blossom, while the sweet base features aromas of amber, vanilla, sandalwood and musk.
The bottle design follows its feline – like predecessor. Katy, inspired by vintage milk vials, wanted the bottle to be opaque and pale pink. The fragrance is available as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum. Meow was launched in 2011.

Source: Fragrantica

It's not as strong as I had intended to buy untuk sakitkan hati makcik tu. Hahaha...reason being, kang kuat sangat perfume, aku pun sakit hati juga! Migraine! LOL! Love the sweet, also innocent and playful scent of this perfume. Fruity and flowery at the same time. Dah lah botol dia cute gila!

Scent dia soft gila that it takes several spritz baru dapat bau. Kalau nyonya tu mengadu lagi, aku baling kasut je ke dia.

Nota: My sisters would definitely say, I've a thing with Bimbos perfume. Dulu pernah beli perfume Kak Britney, Adik Paris, Kak J-Lo...and now this. Elakkan beli perfume Justin Bibir tak pun Lady Gaga je ni uols.

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