Ahad, September 02, 2012

What I did on Merdeka Day

It started when I was chatting with this guy. Kalau anda-anda rajin nak baca blog dia, you will find out that this guy loves hiking, and more often than not, he went alone. So saya iseng bilang, "you know what i should try that one day". His reply was of coz, "you should!"

Lepas tu saya terfikir. Ya lah...why haven't I tried it before? Seriously. Umur segini, saya belum pernah hiking.

So I tweeted about it. Next thing i know, Syu replied, and we were making plans to hike up Bukit FRIM that very weekend.

I invited my mom and Ida to join us, so last Friday I found myself di kaki Bukit FRIM with 2 of my high school friends and my mom. Dengan penuh semangat Malaysia berjaya, kami pun memulakan pendakian di hari Kemerdekaan ke 55 Malaysia itu!

I love the fact that Mom is joining me for all these activities, so we're supporting each other to get fit and healthy!

My verdict? Syok gile woooo! We're planning to do this more often, terus berangan-angan nak panjat bukit dan gunung yang lain pula. It's a great way to spend time with friends and family. The ultimate destination is of course, Gunung Kinabalu. aminnn...

Thanks Faisal for giving me the nudge. Next time...Gunung Rinjani perhaps? Hahahhaa...

Nota: Baru panjat Bukit Frim yg 1000 kaki terus berhajat nak panjat Gunung Kinabalu yang 13,435 kaki tu! Takpe...Malaysia Boleh!

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Lissa Ahmad berkata...

Jom lagi, naik canopy walkway pula.

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