Isnin, Disember 03, 2012

Plan Malam Tahun Baru

If you haven't got any plans on how to celebrate the new year, fret not!

Sheila on 7 is coming to town!!! Hoooooreyyyyy!!

They will be performing on new year's eve in Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam.

some one asked me, berapa hari bulan tu? so to be clear, New year adalah 1 January (halahh halaaahhh) maka new year's eve, 31st December 2012. oke?

Mark your calendar, let's welcome 2013 dengan melompat lebih tinggi!!!

Nota: they will be coming with their family in tow, which is an awesome news for me. Can't wait to hug aisyaaimanaellovelyakiyojaehwapitu! <3>

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x sabar jgk nak peluk semuaaaa

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